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I’m glad you are here. Life transitions can be hard and can activate feelings of loss, pulling up “uncooked seeds” and causing grief and anxiety. Sometimes the difference between a life that feels energized and has flow, and a life that feels overwhelmingly hard (or even just lackluster) is a simple twist of perception. The word “simple“ is used intentionally, as many solutions are simple, but do not feel easy. This website is packed with information that invites “twists of perception.” I welcome your comments and feedback; my contact information is at the bottom of each page. Please let me know if I can be of further service to you and yours.

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Liberation Listening and Commitments

I have been a part of a project called Liberation Listening since Fall of 2017. Under the leadership of Kara Huntermoon, we seek to develop a liberation strategy for all.[…]

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Silent Retreat

I have a friend named Catherine who lives on a Zendo in the Cascade Range. I am grateful that she considers herself my big sister in matters of the Dharma,[…]

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Midwife to a Sheep

Dear Lia, Behind the backdrop of the pandemic, I am living on my best friend’s farm, being a therapist three days a week, and learning how to be a farmer[…]

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Client Testimonials

Students would not stop praising your class!!!! We are amazed to listen to know and learn from your insights! The content, delivery, activities, and meditation were near perfection.

Lalit Khandare

Pacific University Oregon