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Modern culture is challenging on both personally and in the broader environments in which we work and play. While your personal story certainly matters, one of the risks of traditional counseling is the notion that you can go to therapy to find solutions to personal issues; and once you are “fixed” you can go back to your life more resourced and happier.

You won’t find that narrative here.

For one thing, there isn’t anything wrong with you. The reason that you aren’t happier (more peaceful, satisfied, joyful, calm) isn’t just a personal problem. The parts of you that are annoyed, frustrated, anxious, depressed or angry certainly have roots in your personal history, but you also live in a culture that does not put human needs first. If you are like most people I know, the culture you are immersed in is built on white supremist, patriarchal, and capitalistic approaches to life that do not support happy humans. To cope with living in such an adverse environment, you have learned survival mechanisms that have kept you alive. Often, we outgrow the survival mechanisms but sometimes don’t know when or how we learned them, or how to find other ways of navigating life’s challenges. Therapy is not the only avenue for exploring these issues, but it can be an effective way to learn new tools for living.

Is counseling for you?

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Client Testimonials

Students would not stop praising your class!!!! We are amazed to listen to know and learn from your insights! The content, delivery, activities, and meditation were near perfection.

Lalit Khandare

Pacific University Oregon