Author: kaseja wilder

It's All About Relationships

Pronouns and Transgender Leadership

In my professional and personal circles, it’s common for people to state their pronouns in their signature line of their email, on zoom calls, or on name tags. Pronoun use has come under the scrutiny in our social circles and, for many of us, under scrutiny in our intrapersonal lives (that is, we have spent…
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Joining versus Attending

Joining versus attending Recently I was reading Sarah Lucia Hoagland and she made a good argument for the value of attending to another rather than trying to fix or control. As a therapist, I know how powerful attending can be, and on many different levels (including ethics) am cautioned against trying to advise, control, or…
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Finding a Therapist

It’s not easy these days to get into a therapist’s case load; suddenly we are all slammed. The reasons for this are many but knowing the reasons doesn’t help you get in: what will? When you contact a therapist, tell them your name and what you want to work on. Maybe you already know this,…
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Liberation Listening and Commitments

I have been a part of a project called Liberation Listening since Fall of 2017. Under the leadership of Kara Huntermoon, we seek to develop a liberation strategy for all. We understand that it is a lofty goal, but this group has become a kind of home group for me as I reach out into…
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Silent Retreat

I have a friend named Catherine who lives on a Zendo in the Cascade Range. I am grateful that she considers herself my big sister in matters of the Dharma, as I have no direct teacher or lineage to guide my practice. She and her partner have built a tiny house that is snug, warm,…
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