It's All About Relationships

We all go through times when life presents us with challenges. Life’s transitions are more manageable with gentle, compassionate, and skilled support. Increasing your resources can help see you through the rough times.

Effective therapy takes into account cultural forces alongside your personal narrative. Without addressing the cultural aspects of your experience, we are left trying to find solutions to distress out of context, which can lead to blaming you instead of realizing why you behave the way you do is created, in part, in the context of your environment.

For therapy to be successful, it is much more likely if you and the therapist have a good therapeutic alliance, which is a fancy way of saying you like each other. The therapist should also have a clear understanding of the modalities they are utilizing (what they are doing in sessions) and their theoretical orientation (why they are doing what they are doing in sessions). You can read about my theoretical orientation and the modalities I use on my blog on how to find a therapist.

Since January 1, 2022, psychiatrists and other health care providers are required to give new and established patients who are uninsured, or self-pay, or patients who are shopping for care, a Good Faith Estimate of costs for services that they provide.