It's All About Relationships

If you are having a conflict that could use a facilitation; I offer mediation to couples, families, roommates, groups, or any configuration of people in conflict. I see conflict as a bid for connection, as an opportunity for affiliation; by that I mean that conflict indicates that the relationship matters to the individual and a resolution is being sought. Mediation is different from therapy because it is short term (usually one to three sessions) and solution focused—usually focused on a specific problem or finite problems. Please see my article on mediation here. If you are seeking mediation with one other person, I generally spend 20 to 40 minutes with each person before scheduling a session. If all participants agree that mediation is appropriate, you would sign the required forms and we would set a time to meet. Please contact me if you feel I can be of service to you in this capacity.

I have also answered many common questions in my FAQs here.