It's All About Relationships

I offer workshops on colorism (anti-racism), communication, and brain science. My brain science workshop is titled Relationship Matters, Using the CALM Approach. All workshops can be tailored for any group, and any size. Fundamentally, I am interested in how people relate to each other and how that changes the way we relate to ourselves and with others, so all workshops have some element of education about how our brains are hardwired for connection and how that affects us when we are relating. I can be contracted to offer workshops or facilitation on grief and loss, self-defense, anti-oppression, conscious raising with a theme (for example sexism) or something tailor made for your situation. Please contact me to arrange facilitation tailored to your group’s specific needs.

      Relationship Matters

This workshop covers the basics of Interpersonal Neurobiology; participants will come to appreciate how our brains are hardwired for connection and learn ways to optimize connection intrapersonally and interpersonally (with self and others). The learning objectives include learning techniques for emotional regulation, particularly in stressful situations. In addition, basic listening skills will be honed during the workshop; experiential exercises bring the lessons home. Resources and handouts are provided.

     Colorism (aka anti-racism)

The social segregation in our culture is real and works to undermine our connection with each other and with the Earth. We are all affected by this, and this is starkly apparent when we start to pull down the veil of the things that apparently divide us. I have experience leading groups to greater clarity about colorism and how to work toward dismantling this deadly force in our culture. Contact me for the particulars needs of your group.

     Grief and Loss

Grief and loss is a natural part of life, but rarely gets the attention it deserves. As a hospice social worker, I have learned how to “hold space” for grief and loss and can facilitate your group to grapple with these important concepts. Families who are interested in group facilitation are most welcome!


I took my first communication class in 1979 and have been captivated ever since in exploring the ways humans strive for optimal communication. This class will cover the basics of active listening including concepts used in mediation, Non-Violent Communication, and re-evaluation counseling. I can offer this workshop to a group of any size. Contact me for the needs of your particular group.

Students would not stop praising your class!!!! We are amazed to listen to know and learn from your insights! The content, delivery, activities, and meditation were near perfection.

Lalit Khandare, Pacific University Oregon