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It's All About Relationships

Joining versus Attending

Joining versus attending Recently I was reading Sarah Lucia Hoagland and she made a good argument for the value of attending to another rather than trying to fix or control. As a therapist, I know how powerful attending can be, and on many different levels (including ethics) am cautioned against trying to advise, control, or…
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Open Relationship Models and Therapy

There are many ways to hold a personal relationship. One relationship model that works for a lot of people is to have an open relationship (also called poly, monogamish, or poly fidelity). In this blog, I am not going to define open relationships, but if that is what you are looking for you can find…
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Don’t Take It Personally

“If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time, cease to react at all.” Yogi Bhajan When you react strongly to an event, it’s because there is some kind…
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Grief and Loss

What do you think of when you hear the phrase grief and loss? If you are like most people, your immediate association is losing someone when they die. While this is understandable, we are dealing with grief and loss through small, medium, and more intense ways on a daily basis. Losing a job, moving, financial…
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Long Standing Friendship

I had been close friends with Molly in the early 1980’s, and although we had kept in touch over the years, we had definitely drifted apart. She had a couple of kids with her partner, I had a couple of kids as well, and day to day life occluded our connection. I watched a documentary…
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